In this article, we can learn about how to download YouTube thumbnail? Here, I can teach you and show you step by step full process with screenshots.

How to Download YouTube Thumbnail? Step By Step Guide

How to download YouTube video thumbnails? Before knowing this, we need to know about thumbnails, like - what is thumbnail? Importance of thumbnail? Why use thumbnails? Etc.

So let's first learn little about thumbnail.

What is Thumbnail?

If we understand in simple words, the poster image that is placed in the cover of video, large image or album is called a thumbnail. 

Compressed images of a small size that represent a large image or album are called thumbnail. A cover image, intended to represent a video, is called a video thumbnail.

Thumbnails serve the same role for images as a normal text index does for words. if a viewer is interested, they can click on the thumbnail to expand the image and see the full picture.

Why Use Thumbnails?

A Thumbnail is the complete extract of any YouTube video for blog article. In the blog article, we use thumbnails as a feature image.

By looking at a thumbnail, we can easily know what can be the content inside the blog article or inside the video.

Applying a thumbnail to the feature image of a YouTube video or a blog article greatly enhances the attractiveness of the video and article, which most people click and we get more views.

Importance of Thumbnails?

Thumbnails are such an important think that the user is forced to click on the video to watch. 

  • The illiterate person can also understand the content of the video by looking at the thumbnail. And they can open the video without reading the title.
  • A attractive thumbnail forces the user to watch the video.
  • SEO of video improves by applying thumbnail.
  • A good thumbnail also increases the CTR of the video.

How to Download YouTube Video Thumbnails?

Let us know, How to Download Thumbnail? Earlier, it was not easy to download thumbnails of YouTube videos. But now you can download thumbnail of YouTube video very easily in your mobile, laptop or computer.

There are many tools to download thumbnail on the internet. Today in this article, we will tell you through a very excellent and tremendous tool, how to download YouTube thumbnail.

Step 1) Open HD YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

  • First of all, you have to open the official website HD YouTube Thumbnail Downloader.
  • You can also reach them directly on the official website by clicking on this link - HD YouTube Thumbnail Downloader.

HD YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Steps 2) Copy your desired YouTube Video

  • Now you have to go to the official website for application of YouTube. -
  • And watch (play) the video that the thumbnail of the video you want to download.
  • Now right click on the video, and click on Copy Video URL.
  • Or copy the link directly from the URL bar above the page.

Copy your desired YouTube Video

Steps 3) Enter your YouTube video URL

  • Now you will reach the homepage of this website.
  • Here you will find an input box above, in which you have to copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video here.
  • I have told you how to copy the URL of YouTube video in (steps - 2).
  • So you will copy the link to the YouTube video you have to paste it into the input box here.
  • After that, we will click on the "Download YouTube Thumbnail" button below.

Enter your YouTube video URL

Steps 4) Download YouTube Thumbnail

  • By clicking on the download button, all available thumbnail size will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the download button of the thermal of the size in which you want to download the Thumbnail.

Download YouTube Thumbnail

  • Now that thumbnail will open in full screen.
  • Here you have to right click with the mouse. And click on "Save Image As".

Save Image As

After this, you can save the image by browsing, where you want to save it on your device.

So, in this way you can easily download the thumbnail of your choice, through this website or tool.